Our Partners

At Domaine de Bonaguil, we have the will to be an inherent part of the local economic and cultural vitality. It was therefore perfectly natural for us to associate ourselves with regional actors. As a token of our appreciation, we have invited them to joins us on this site.

Our main partner: Château de Bonaguil

The labels of our wines illustrate the strong synergy between Château de Bonaguil and us. Classified a historical monument, it overlooks the valley and the medieval village of Bonaguil with its recently restored mineral and bucolic trail. More than 70 000 visitors annually come to immerse themselves in medieval history, visiting the keep and the drawbridge of this beautifully preserved castle.

Our Other Partners

The city of Fumel: A short 15-minute drive from the estate, Fumel and its 5000 inhabitants extends to the edge of the Lot river.

The Communauté de communes Fumel Vallée du Lot takes pride in the medieval tradition of the region.

The Lot river runs through the town of Soturac where lies Domaine de Bonaguil.

Château de Bonaguil sits up high in the town of Saint-Front-sur-Lémèce.

The Festival of Bonaguil: devoted initially to classical music and then to drama (since 1985), this festival takes place every year in August since 1962. Discover Château de Bonaguil differently!

Les Journées du Père Quépas in Montaigu-de-Quercy: a free event that highlights the work and know-how of stonemasons, blacksmiths, sculptors, carpenters, architects, musicians as well as plastic and performing artists.

We are proud members of the federation Vignerons Indépendants du Lot. This federation represents and defends the interests of each independent winegrower members enabling them to maintain their independence and attain a stable development.