Our Wines

Domaine de Bonaguil’s vineyard is planted on high-quality terroirs. The grounds are generous, very mineral, allowing us to offer you wines with unique, complex, dense and fresh flavours.

Discover the Fruit of our Labours

PGI Côte du Lot Designation

Most of our wines, fruits of our labours in the vineyard and cellar, benefit from the PGI Côtes du Lot designation. The others, such as our rosé, are found under the designation Vin de France.

An Ideal climate for Producing Great Wines

Ideally located, our vineyard is near the Causses du Quercy, known for its large limestone plateaus in the Massif Central. The temperate and maritime climate on-site is at the intersection of continental and maritime influences (Atlantic and Mediterranean). Cold winters, mild and humid springs, and delightful warm, sunny summers give our wines all their seductive aromas and flavours.

Unusual Grape Varieties for a Great Pick!

Vignes du Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

Domaine de Bonaguil’s terroir is atypical. Therefore, we produce neither Malbec, so representative of the region, nor AOC Cahors wines. On the estate’s singular soils, we grow four unconventional grape varieties: Gamay, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon. The first two are used for the production of our red and rosé wines, and the last two for our white wines. Thanks to the hidden treasure of clay, ferrous and siliceous soils beneath the vineyard, we produce five white, three red and one rosé wines. And also, an orange wine — a well-kept secret!

Certified Organic Wines

Vin Bio Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

Domaine de Bonaguil’s wines are all certified organic and without added sulphites. We are passionate advocates of Nature. So, we give it time to do its job well before taking over her business! Being naturally produced by grape yeasts during maceration, our wines can contain traces or minute doses of sulfur dioxide.