Our Terroir

Located in the Lot department, Domaine de Bonaguil produces very little red wine and does not produce Malbec, so representative of the region. Off the AOC Cahors area and its limestone soils, the Bonaguil terroir is atypical. It was these singular soils, highlighted by the soil survey and mapping, that defined the unconventional vine population for our wine property.

The Atypical Soils and Sub-Soils of Bonaguil

Terroir du Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

Here, the limestone thinned to almost disappear under red and ochre soils covered with siderolithic red sands. These iron-rich deposits associated with ferruginous clays, siliceous sands, iron ore cores, flint and limestone give rise to dry, yet rich in flavour, balanced, racy and dense wines.

The estate wines are complex, dense and fresh, thanks to the Domaine de Bonaguil’s incredible exposure, its polyculture practices and deep-rooted vines planted during the vineyard creation in 1989.

Nature — Our Most Valuable Ally

Forêt du Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

In the vicinity, the closest neighbour is the coniferous and deciduous forest surrounding the vineyard. Adjacent to or literally in the vineyard, fruit trees have been planted to add to the somewhat native maritime array of pine trees, broom and heather shrubs. Fruit-bearing trees such as pear, plum, apple, cherry, chestnut, kiwi, and quince live in perfect harmony with the vines.

Mirador du Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

Nature is our most valuable ally at Domaine de Bonaguil, and so are the weeds growing freely amongst the vines. Cover cropping is also used according to the vine requirements in water and vital nutrients, encouraging symbiosis and soil preservation.

At Bonaguil, the whole of Nature plays in perfect unison. Even the grapevine island was able to anchor its roots at the centre of a thick native forest.

Overlooking the Gamay and Merlot plots, an imposing timber-built mirador blends perfectly with the landscape without altering its natural setting in any way.