Our Philosophy

One could sum up our philosophy in one sentence: “To Tame Nature Without Denaturing It”.

A Balanced and Respectful Winemaking — Enhancing the Gift of Tamed Nature

Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

We have the will to place our viticultural practices at the heart of our natural surroundings. As a principle, we use just what is necessary to produce in tune with Mother Earth: the land, the cycles, and rhythms of nature and life.

Orchidées du Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

Sustainable winemaking is our commitment to Nature. To reduce adverse environmental impact, encourage efficiency of resources and ongoing restoration of the natural environment and ecosystems, we use organic agriculture and biodynamic principles.

In the long run, the harmful effect of human activities, including chemical pollution, lead to soil depletion. It is not only urgent but also our duty to promote vigorous agroecology and to protect and nurture Nature which magical fertility is at risk.

We limit to the maximum the use of inputs to fight vine diseases. Instead, we use green fertilizers such as herbal teas, decoctions and preparations recommended in organic and biodynamic agriculture, and our knowledge acquired through time and trials. Growing grass in the vineyard not only encourages symbiosis, but it also allows to manage water and the nutritional needs of the vines. The slopes and rocks of Bonaguil ensure natural drainage, thus preserving the soil.

Even in our winemaking process, Nature is the true producer of our wines

Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

At the end of the summer, when the grapes are ripe, our harvest is done entirely by hand. The carefully-picked grapes are put in small crates and vinified as naturally as possible, without added sulphites. Yet, during fermentation, the yeasts naturally produce sulphites. Our skill lies in creating vinification conditions that lead to the lowest formation of natural sulphites possible.

Vendanges au Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

Chardonnay and Sauvignon, used to elaborate our white wines, are pressed in whole grape clusters with a pneumatic press delivering gentle and progressive force. They are then vinified and raised in barrels for the best part.

Vignes du Domaine de Bonaguil - Vin IGP Côtes du Lot

For our red and rosé wines, Gamay grapes are vinified in semi-carbonic maceration, a natural fruit enhancer. In contrast, our winemaking process for Merlot is more traditional: in wood vat, using the cap-punching method, with hot and long vatting periods, then aged in jars and barrels.