Discover Domaine de Bonaguil’s New Tasting Room!

In the heart of our wine estate is the Camille Brugerolle Museum, named after the grand-daughter of Michel Coste, founder of Domaine de Bonaguil.

This spacious, traditional tobacco-dryer-style building won the first prize at the Toulouse architecture competition in the late 1990s. It was home to one of the most beautiful national ornithological collections. There were more than 200 birds, all species combined: raptors, nocturnal birds, waterfowls and more.

The year 2020 marks a year of change. Since this past January, the museum is undergoing dramatic renovation and transformation. With this project, we wish to create the ultimate environment for our visitors to taste the fine wines produced at Domaine de Bonaguil. The museum, built of wood and glass, blends perfectly with the local architecture. It is truly magnificent! We thought it deserved a new lease on life. The original name of the museum will remain in a lasting tribute to the memory of Camille Brugerolle and her family.

Entirely dedicated to wine, the ground floor will welcome the new tasting area and our wine boutique. You will be able to linger and enjoy the bucolic views while sipping a glass of wine from our collection of vintages produced at Domaine de Bonaguil. The semi-buried basement is perfectly-adapted and conditioned to store and preserve our bottles before reaching your wine cellars.

On the top floor, office spaces for our staff and the owner, Daniel Donath, will take residence. The suspended passageways will exhibit the works of local artists. A delightful visit on its own!

The completed remodelling is due this fall, ready for the grand opening at the end of the year. Visiting Camille Brugerolle Museum will bring the last tasting notes to your discovery of Domaine de Bonaguil and its vintages. Enjoy the fruit of our labours, share our passion and know-how but also our love for the land!