Les Hauts de Bonaguil – Blanc

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Grape variety Chardonnay Sauvignon
Cuvée -
Vintage 2015

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In the Vineyard
Environmentally responsible agriculture, without the use of chemicals such as weedkiller.

A Mid-September Harvest
The grape clusters are sorted foot by foot, hand-picked, and put gently in small crates, thus ensuring collection of the best fruits.

Then, these clusters, whole and intact, progress into a pneumatic press using gravity. This technique allows for a slow and gradual juice extraction.
Poured directly into barrels, the juice will slowly ferment, without the addition of sulphites or chemicals. Yeasts, produced naturally during fermentation, are indigenous.
Finally, the wine is aged in barrels and then in stainless steel vats.

Surface Area: 3 ha
Soils: Siderolithic sands and clay-limestone
Natural Surroundings: A ring of chestnut trees encompasses the vineyard facing east.
Techniques: Manual pruning, suckering, topping and harvesting