Les Hauts de Bonaguil – Orange

13,00  TTC

Grape variety Chardonnay
Cuvée -
Vintage 2020

Le P’tit goût amer is a Chardonnay-made orange wine with a pleasant bitter taste. It is produced in tiny quantities at Domaine de Bonaguil. The winemaking process used for this white wine is very much like an unstemmed red with extended post-ferment maceration.

Whole-cluster maceration and fermentation occur in small enamelled terracotta jars. During fermentation, frequent cap submersions are operated manually. Then, after three months, the grape pomace is juiced in a small vertical ratchet press. We use manual gravity bottling for our orange wine.

Domaine de Bonaguil’s orange wine is full of light sour aromas reminiscent of gentian, fresh pomegranate and Italian bitters. An aperitif curiosity but this wine is also fascinating when mixed with a natural sparkling wine of the same Chardonnay!

Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay
Soils: siderolithic sands, ferruginous and fine-loamy siliceous clays

Cellaring Potential: 3 years
Storage Temperature: 17 °C
Food & Wine Pairings: Aperitif or dessert wine served alone or with a natural sparkling wine.